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GHS Fasteners deals with the manufacturing of washers of many kinds to make sure our clients are able to go forward with their manufacturing without trouble caused by bolt or nut. A washer is a kind of fastener that is a thin plate with a hole.

At GHS Fasteners, we act as washer suppliers to a list of diverse industries. We provide them with different kinds of washers that can suit their needs for development. There are various kinds of washers industries demand such as Plain washers, Pack Washers, Spring Washers, Conical Washers, High Tensile Washers, HSFG Washers, Rectangular Washers, Square Washers, DTI Washers, etc.

GHS Fasteners is one the leading companies plain washers manufacturers in India. We develop high-quality washers that conform to various international standards like DIN-125, DIN-125A, DIN-126, DIN-9021, DIN-7989, DIN-433, DIN-6916, IS-2016, IS-7093, and other DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS standards. The plain washers we manufacture are extremely durable in quality and has a long-lasting life after fastening. We only provide our clients with the best products from our manufacturing output. We put our products through several strict quality tests to determine whether they conform to international standards and client expectations. Our plain washers are available in various sizes, shapes, dimensions, and finishes to suit the diverse needs of various industries. They are fabricated using superior grade stainless steel, mild steel, and brass. Our success in satisfying customers come from the washers being highly durable and showing excellent finishing. We specially design these washers to suit the joint requirements of your needs. Hence, they would be compatible with the requirements that various industrial sectors need for their manufacturing. However, we also allow the ordering of washers in various other sizes and shapes as per the requests of clients. We guarantee precision in dimensions and use of specified materials for the manufacture while still following the international standards.

Further, these are acknowledged for their following features :

  • Weather resistance
  • Long-lasting strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ideal hardness
  • Ability to withstand heavy tolerance

We have our spring washers that are used in various industries such as transmission towers erection, Railways, Automobiles, etc. They were used to provide a locking action against the rotation of the fastened screw of bolted assemblies. These washers come into play where there is a need for eliminating rattle, maintaining assembly tension, compensate for expansion or contraction in materials, etc.

On the other hand, our conical washers are known for their ability to provide the highest load-bearing capacity with very low deflection range. These washers are applied when tension is to be maintained in the assemblies when thermal expansion or contraction is being taken place.

We belong among the washers manufacturer that produce the highest amounts of spring, conical and other washers without compromising in quality. These aren’t the only washers that we are producing.

Our full list of washers manufacture includes products like:

  • Plain Washers
  • Pack Washers
  • High Tensile Washers
  • HSFG Washers
  • Spring Washers
  • Rectangular Washers
  • Square Washers
  • Conical Washers
  • DTI Washers

Our long list of clientele greatly appreciate the washers that we manufacture and export to them. They are happy with our durability and excellent performance. Long-time customers have noted about the long life of our washers and how it has helped them with manufacture and maintenance. We offer all of the above-shown washers at moderate prices. Our raw materials used for the manufacture of these washers are provided by reliable vendors in the market. Our position and reputation is a testament to the grade of materials we use for our washers manufacture.

If you want premium quality washers with your custom requirements or if you wish to order the washers in bulk then you can contact us at GHS Fasteners. We will prepare all the necessary arrangements and deliver your order ahead of schedule. Our employees are diligent and hardworking. Each and every one of our employees regardless of their positions or department are concerned about client satisfaction. This allows us as a company to function with a set goal in mind. Our unity is a great factor in our consistent manufacturing of quality products. Meanwhile, our logistics partners are our trusted accomplices that share the same motto as us. They guarantee safe delivery of your orders without delay. They will also package your order with the full intention of keeping it at the same condition we manufactured it in.

Call GHS Fasteners now for the finest industry leading washers.

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