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GHS Fasteners is one of the leading high quality fasteners manufacturers in Ludhiana. We satisfy our customers by providing quality nut, bolts and washers at competitive prices. We use quality raw material to ensure flawless range of industrial fasteners. Our focus is on consistency and innovation of nut, bolts, washers with quality control and timely delivery.

It is not an unknown notion to us that to attain perfection, the process needs to be elaborate and intricately monitored. With only such tremendous effort can one produce quality and highly reliable products. The product’s quality should foremostly be audacious enough for it to be used in heavy duty scenarios, which are quite common in the industrial sector. We, at GHS FASTENERS, aim to do just that. The quality of our products is something we wish would transmute into the identity of the company. And thus, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the whole elaborate process of manufacturing and delivering the desired product. We as a trusted company consider it as our moral duty to serve our customers with sheer steadfast and durable products befitting their needs.

The Process Of Achieving Quality Is What We Expertise In

The process of making quality products is indeed a long and laborious one, and we aim to perform it as impeccably and efficiently as we can. The whole process starts at the ground level. Our highly experienced and localized team responsible for acquiring the raw material is aware of the standards we aim to maintain. And thus, during the acquiring process, the trained team makes sure that the raw material been obtained to of high quality. The various acquired lots are liable to extensive crack checking to make sure the tensile strength along with the other quality related factors are unaffected and up to the mark. The material also goes through various levels of chemical composition testing, to make sure the toxicity and the strength of the raw material are up to the standard required to be met mandatorily. The material is then transferred to our state-of-the-art manufacturing units that are run by our extremely talented and competent engineers and workers. As the process goes on, we keep a close eye on all the stages of it to make sure there is no unwanted hindrance in the pursuit of perfection. There are various forging drills. That is, our technical staff is trained and instructed to conduct regular checks at different frequencies to keep the standard maintained. Furthermore, the products are meticulously put through a number of heat and hardness tests. The temperature of the furnaces is regularly monitored using an electronics heat recorder. Also, the materials are distributed into, and each batch is put through a hardness test using the modern calibrated hardness tester to make sure the strength and durability are adequate. That job is not yet half done. What follows is a series of machining test carried out by our professionally trained technical experts. This test is done at every stage at specific varying frequencies. Finally, during the last stage of manufacturing, that is, the finishing stage, our technical experts, once again check the products. The large batches of products are thoroughly analyzed and then cleared out to another group of technical pundits for a final inspection before the product can be cleared out for packaging. The technical experts we hire belong to the elite stature of professionalism. They are well trained to spot out any discrepancies that may negatively affect the product. The machines used in the process for various tests are acutely modern and innovated choices which keeps the results conformed to the established international standards and parameters. The products after the manufacturing process are handed over to our dependable packaging unit. The competent and gentle hands of our packaging crew make sure that the products are packed safely and in primeval conditions, they were received in. The packaging also depends on the client’s and customer’s wishes and are done in a manner to satisfy their desired needs.

Consistency Is The Key

The process of maintaining quality is something we like to attribute to our hard-working employees. They are highly trained and believe in the company’s philosophy of putting the needs of the customers above everything else. We, therefore, make additional efforts to keep the employees highly motivated and efficient. We tend to do that by maintaining a safe, friendly and a congenial work environment for our employees which boosts their morale and drives them to perform their duties responsibly.
We are aware of the fact that our success is attributed to the trust and reliability that emanates from our manufactured products. Thus, we aim to maintain the standards we presently conform to unfailingly by continuing to provide highly steadfast and durable products that satiate our clients’ and customers’ interests.

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