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GHS Fasteners has been the industry-leading Bolt manufacturers India, Bolt Suppliers, and major Bolt exporters to the rest of the globe. Our bolts are highly appreciated and are manufactured using the raw material of the best quality. Are you looking for the best quality Bolt in Ludhiana at factory price? GHS Fasteners from Ludhiana, India has a popular name as manufacturers, wholesale Suppliers, and exporters of bolts. Our products are available in different shapes and sizes required in the industry. Moreover, we make customized sizes on demand from customers, provided that the order is in bulk. Due to our state of the art infrastructure, we can take bulk demands of bolts from Ludhiana and all over the world. We assure you about quality products, timely delivery, and competitive price. We welcome buyers, distributors, stockists, and wholesale suppliers from Ludhiana to submit an inquiry. Send your inquiry today for bulk orders and our team will contact you with a quote as soon as possible.

What are they used for:

Being the leading Bolt manufacturer, Bolt supplier and Bolt exporter to many parts of the world, we understand the importance of bolts and the responsibility in our hands. We know that fasteners such as bolts as well as nuts and screws are essential for an industry to survive. They are some of the most basic hardware components required for any device, be it a household item or a complex machine in the industries. Our bolts are the most reliable part of your connection. Our bolts give an option of installing, removing and reinstalling. A bridge between materials that may need to be attached to another could be the bolt. Then a nut on the other side of the two materials could be used to bind the materials together. One of the most critical aspects used by a lot of machines is the threaded joint. It is used as a part of the design. Our bolts have a thread on their cylindrical side. An internal thread exists on the nuts that connect the thread that is on the bolt. We fix our bolts through the nuts. Thus, they form a secure connection and take high amount of weights. The process of binding our nuts and bolts together is not complex. It might get complicated based on the type of bolts and nuts that are used and how they are included through an object. As there are new and new technologies out there, we are able to produce high-quality bolts in our state of the art facility outside of Ludhiana.

Manufacturing Process

Having earned the name of being one of the most reliable Bolt manufacturer India and Bolt Supplier, we take immense care and effort into each and every product that comes with our name on it. We design, manufacture and produce all the bolts at our state of the art facility in Ludhiana. Every single bolt is made by the most advanced machinery with utmost precision. We cater to a wide range of customer specification and preference and are more than happy to serve to their needs. We offer the bolts in various thickness levels and grading as per the need and requirement of the customer. Our Bolts are prevalent over many industries, and each and every one of them is in compliance with the ISO Standards and specifications. Every single bolt coming out of our facility is manufactured in strict conformance with the international norms of quality.


We have been able to become the leading Bolt Supplier and Bolt Manufacturer India because of our eye for detail. We have made it our mission to deliver the most accurate products to our customers, according to their preferences and specifications. We have emerged as an industry leader thanks to the variety of high strength bolts that are part of our repertoire. All our bolts are in compliance with the ISO standards and are manufactured using high-grade metals. All our bolts are manufactured right here in our state-of-the-art factory at Ludhiana. We make sure that all our bolts are according to the specifications of the clients and need of the project. The bolts are made with consistent threads complying with the standard specifications of the MM, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, UN, NC . Our bolts are available at various grades and finishes. Our bolts come with grading from 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, B7, B7M. We make our bolts in various materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon, and bronze. We have multiple finishes for our Bolts. We provide Blackodised which is a particular type of corrosion resistant conversion coating. Our White zinc plated, and yellow zinc plated give corrosion resistance and are majorly used for general purpose projects. Our hot dip galvanized bolts give much higher corrosion rates and are more suitable for big outdoor projects.


As the industry leader, Bolt exporter and Bolt supplier, we take immense pride in the features and functionalities that are offered by our products. Our Bolts have a sturdy design and a seamless finish. They are industry famous for their superior strength which makes it reliable at operations. Our bolts are known for their efficient working and longer functional life. They are lightweight and easy to fit which makes them have a much longer service life.


Our Bolts are designed in such a way that they have a high rate of dimensional accuracy. Our precision and eye for detail make the bolts have a robust design which matches the needs that the industry demands. Our bolts have high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance which make them have a longer functional life. They have a high tensile strength which makes them an industry leader in its class.

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