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If one is to manufacture any product, it is crucial for him/her to understand every aspect of what goes into that product. If the foundation on which the product is being built is wrong, it is an undeniable fact that the entire product will not be optimum.
In today’s world where companies are trying their best to cut costs and improve their profit margins, one thing that hasn’t changed is that they are never willing to compromise on the very tools that build a product up. This is precisely where we enter. We being one of the most acclaimed manufacturers who are heavily involved in providing companies belonging to different industries with the best tools understand how important our job is to our clients. We understand that one mistake on our part can shatter the entire product from being a success. This is why we take our job very seriously. We make sure that the tools that we supply to our clients are top-notch on the basis of quality. The Nylock Nut is no exception to this.

What Is A Nylock Nut and Why Do You Need It?

A Nylock nut in simple terms refers to a type of a lock nut which possesses a nylon collar. This nylon collar resists turning and always keeps the tool sharp and shiny. It has become a significant part of today’s market and is thus one of the primary reasons why we have placed an immense focus on it. As we forecasted the growing importance of this tool, we have started manufacturing and designing various types of nylock nuts. There are different types of these nuts that are available, each of which is unique from another. Each serves a different purpose and is demanded different reasons.

Having a rich experience with the different types of tools that we have already provided in the market, we like to believe that we have a thorough understanding of how this market operates. This gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. As all our nylock nuts possess these qualities, it is needless to stay that they stand out in the market when compared to other manufacturers who wish to manufacture them. Our nylock nuts have been recognized as extremely unique not only by our clients but also by each player of the market. Since it is also resistant to chemicals and other such materials which are subject to corrosion, it is the perfect tool to use for our clients.

Quality Is Our Main Focus

Although we have diversified and expanded immensely, we have never compromised on the quality of any of our tools. Ever since we started growing in the field of manufacturing nylock nuts, we have given it utmost importance and invested our best resources into it. The nylock nuts are fabricated from the highest standard of materials. This is to give it a premium look as well as finish in order to provide maximum utility. These nylock nuts, just like our other tools are also available in different types of shapes and sizes varying from different lengths to dimensions in order to fulfill the needs of each and every client that we serve to. We make sure that our client expectations are met by manufacturing exactly what every industry requires.

We have always prioritized quality over any other aspect as we believe that at the end of the day, it is what differentiates one tool from the other. We are an organization that focuses on the quality. We use only high-grade material to manufacture our products. This is one of the primary reasons why we are still being able to sustain ourselves in the market by selling it at a market leader price. This indicates that our customers are not only happy with the tools that they are purchasing from us but are also ready to pay a relatively higher price for our tools in comparison to our competitors.

We Are Here For All Your Needs

Apart from the full range of Nylock nuts that we provide our customers with, we also provide them with the option to customize their Nylock nut in accordance with their needs. This not only places us at a premium position but also helps us understand the customer requirements better. It helps us deliver a better tool to the customer which allows both the companies to grow in the long run. Just like our tools, we believe that it is the basis of every foundation that makes it a success.


M6 to M64


4, 6, 8, 10

Finish / Colors

  • Self Finish
  • Electro Zinc Plated
  • Yellow Finish
  • Auto Black Finish
  • Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
  • Rilsan Blue, Etc.


DIN 982, DIN 985

Support: +91-9803262009